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Nowadays computational and information technologies hold a prominent place in the science and its applications, allowing solving a wide range of fundamental and applied problems. They are includes computational methods and algorithms, methods of mathematical and computational modeling, data processing and data mining, processing and analysis of information flows, tools for storing, organizing and publishing of information and data and so on.

Computational and information technologies are applied in various scientific fields, including the traditional areas such as engineering, mechanics of continuous media, optics, plasma physics and other areas of physics, as well as chemistry, astronomy and astrophysics, geology and geophysics, biology and life sciences, sociology, economical sciences etc. They are also used for collecting, storing and processing of large data amounts from various sensors and sensor networks, including the data of Earth remote sensing, as well as in the analysis of structured and non-structured textual and multimedia information enormous amounts of which ply on the Internet.

The “Computational Technologies” journal aims on the scientific publications in the above mentioned fields briefly described as:

  • mathematical modelling
  • computational technologies
  • information technologies

The journal accepts original high quality scientific papers in Russian and English, containing novel scientific results and achievements, as well as the reviews on state of the art and new challenges in the fields of mathematical modeling, computational methods and algorithms, information technologies and technologies of storing, processing and representation of data and information flows.

Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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